CLUST: a magnet for talents and an engine for it-projects

Type: Naming / Agency: Twid Studio / Year: 2022 / Category: IT / Link (tap here)
Creative Director: Alex Twista
I had the pleasure of developing a comprehensive branding package. It included naming, design system, and website, for a dynamic venture platform focused on transforming big ideas into profitable businesses. CLUST's top priority is supporting young entrepreneurs who are full of vision and need the necessary resources to succeed.
To capture the essence of this innovative platform, we've created a brand image that blends fashion and humor. The result is a sharp, provocative design that stands out from typical IT layouts, with a healthy dose of self-irony, eclectic illustrations, and memes. This lively combination perfectly represents the platform's interests while infusing a playful vibe into its branding.
The name I've created, CLUST, comes from "cluster" and embodies the concept of a group of talented individuals united by common interests and aspirations. As we built the employee brand for CLUST, we kept our focus on attracting cool, young, and ambitious professionals who share the platform's mission and vision. We're excited about the impact this branding package will have on the venture platform's success and can't wait to see it in action!
Solid Bash: a special force for your game

Type: Naming / Agency: Twid Studio / Year: 2022 / Category: Game-dev / Link (tap here)
Creative Director: Alex Twista
This project was very special for me. I love games, so I was excited to join Twid Studio to develop this amazing vision for one of ROOM8's Group companies. 
Room 8 Group announced the launch of Solid Bash, a new brand specializing in mobile game development. With a team of over 160 experts, Solid Bash is the first brand to form the Mobile Service Line within the Group. 
Solid Bash is a company with a bold name that exudes strength and power. They chose the name to reflect their commitment to excellence and dedication to pushing boundaries in their industry. Their visual identity perfectly complements their name, with a monolithic solid character that reinforces the strength and significance behind the brand.
Solid Bash takes great pride in their name and visual identity, seeing them as accurate representations of who they are and what they stand for. They are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and are eager to demonstrate their capabilities to the world.
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Type: Strategic Brand Text / Agency: Twid Studio / Year: 2022 / Category: Game-dev / Link (tap here)
Creative Director: Alex Twista / Strategic Head: Diana Kudasheva
Here at HEROIC we tell stories that are meant to be told in a certain way. Cinematic and spectacular, yet commercially meaningful. Our content strengthens games’ universes and helps properly reach its audience. We’d even say “the best way possible”.
Our team is built with people of a fresh vision, who are supervised by well-known, experienced artists and storytellers. This mix and match help us to be relevant for different scales and complexities of projects: from acquisition videos to trailers and cut-scenes.
We don’t want to overthink or be “too much”, we are just doing our job with total commitment to the task and story. Why? Because we all came from game-related backgrounds. We need to know the game, its mechanics, LOR.
Listening is the key to unlocking a good story. We are delivering different content which has something in common. It’s worth being unskipped, re-watched, and shared with friends and the community. That’s truly HEROIC.
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Massive Black
Type: Strategic Brand Text / Agency: Twid Studio / Year: 2022 / Category: Game-dev / Link (tap here)
Creative Director: Alex Twista / Strategic Head: Diana Kudasheva
Each day is an opportunity to explore, learn, and reimagine existing formats and approaches. We have been doing this since 2003 at Massive Black.
We were found and shaped by artists in constant collaboration. Creating something for the sake of feeling something is at the core of everything we do. For the team or our clients. It is important to us that the story is told well, the narrative is compelling, and the execution is a breakthrough inside its media. The conversations we spark are inspired by people cooperating, sharing ideas, and collaborating. Every MB’s project is infused with pride and we strive to convey that pride.
Our work contributed to the visual lexicon of some of today's most popular games and films. The sense of time we possess contributes to setting up creative frontiers, regardless of whether it is a storyboard, IP Development, art direction, or pitch support.
This is something fresh and relevant. We strive to leave a timeless legacy with every project we do. Every time.
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